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Meike Rottermann

Career Coaching &
Personal Development
for scientists & scholars

A fulfilling life and careerpath

after your research career


Meike Rottermann

Coach, Career Consultant, Trainer

Over 13 years of experience in university and academic contexts, many years as a coach for scientists, and my own experiences with professional upheavals help me understand my clients.

To me, accompanying people through their development is like an exciting expedition that I’m forever fascinated with.

Let’s get to know each other!


1-on-1 coaching via Zoom,

and on site in Munich & Berlin

Trainings virtual & on-site


Executive & Staff Coaching

A new professional role? Critical feedback? Recurring conflicts? The desire for personal development?

As a team leader or employee at a university, or as a former researcher in a new professional setting — here, you’ll find a clear, safe space for your personal development.

Change can bring joy and feel like an adventure!

Career Coaching

Are you an academic searching for a fulfilling career after research? Do you work in academia or outside the world of research — but it’s not quite the right fit?

Through individual coaching sessions, I accompany you as you find and courageously follow your path, using a grounded, innovative concept that brings in emotional elements for a comprehensive approach.


Are you looking for training that allows scientists and employees in the scientific environment to develop their full potential?

Do you need established offers, but also topics that are just emerging on the market?

The creative use of interactive tools in the virtual space,

and above all, a didactically clever combination of cognitive, resource- and experience-oriented method is the formular that makes my (online) trainings well-founded, lively, varied - and therefore effective.

Find out more about my offers, both solo and with my partner Nicola Bauer.


Miranda, Scientist, MPG

„(...) Meike's coaching made me feel more empowered, and I have started to know myself better. It is very hard to leave academia, but with Meike I feel that I found a path and the strength to walk it.


I still think about what I learnt, months after our sessions finished. I would go back to working with her in a heartbeat if I needed more support or advice.

Eveline Molocea, Consultant

Meike is a highly trained professional, incredibly invested in supporting her clients and passionate about helping them discover themselves.

(...) I went to my first session feeling completely lost and thinking my atypical academic background was my biggest disadvantage. Meike help me realize that it was, in fact, my biggest advantage as it set me apart from most of my peers.

Together we worked on identifying my skills and framing them in the context of a job outside of academia (...).​​"

F.S., Postdoctoral Researcher, MPI for Astronomy

"I met Meike via the Max Planck Society Career Coaching while taking the first steps to transition from academia to industry. I immediately felt at ease chatting with Meike and we set up a coaching strategy tailored to my needs.


I found her coaching approach inspiring and extremely helpful. Via hands-on and self-reflection sessions, Meike gives you the tools to evaluate and empower yourself, and the ability to proceed along your path, also when the coaching is over. Thanks Meike! I'll be forever grateful."

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