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Meike Rottermann

Coaching, Career Path Consulting &

A fulfilling life and careerpath

Are you performance-oriented, in the middle of your life and have reached some milestones? At the same time, do you long for clarity in your actions, more liveliness and at the same time inner peace?

The simple thing can be difficult at first before it becomes completely natural: living your life with meaning, being connected to others and being effective in the present.

Let's have a professional conversation with focus and depth and bring into life what is essential to you.

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Meike Rottermann

Coach, Career Consultant, Trainer

With investigative curiosity and human depth I accompany people on their path to greater awareness and potential development.

From my own, personal experience I can say that the interplay of mind, heart and hand (action) makes positive, healthy change, happiness, joy and effective action possible.

Find out more about my background and my way of working.


Coachings on site in Munich and virtual via Zoom

Trainings virtual and on-site


Executive & Staff Coaching

A new professional role? Critical feedback? Recurring conflicts? The desire for personal development?

Here, you’ll find a clear, safe space for your personal development.

During and after our cooperation you ​


  • Critically examined your concerns and are exploring the essentials

  • Explored your automatic reactions and developed alternatives

  • Experience greater effectiveness in challenging situations

  • Practice your self-leadership in critical situations

  • Are colleagues approaching you about your clarity and composure

Career Coaching

Are you searching for a fulfilling career path?

Do you work in academia or outside the world of research — but it’s not quite the right fit?

After our cooperation you

  • Have critically examined your concerns and are exploring the essentials with me

  • Have come into contact with what really matters to you?

  • Know your core strengths

  • You apply self-leadership in critical moments

  • Address your personal challenges from the past with self-compassion

  • Find your vision board hanging above your desk

  • Have discussed your first professional ideas in your network

  • Put first action steps in your calendar

Trainings & Groupcoachings


I facilitate trainings for career development and emotional intelligence as well as peer group coaching settings and women mentoring programs.


In 2023 I co-founded JoyWorks Trainings

With a focus on emotional intelligence and a combination of cognitive, resource and experience-oriented approaches, we support managers and teams in their potential development. ​


Find out more about our offers at JoyWork Trainings.

Coaching Testimonials & 

Clients I Have Worked With

I was always in awe of your ability to help me express myself. You helped me evolve the best out of myself.

D.A., Project Manager, Aignostics

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Success with a purpose in numbers.

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