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Career Coaching

A fulfilling life and careerpath

Become aware of your strengths and the range of contexts in which you can put them to use. Find what’s truly important to you, develop new professional perspectives, and feel the joy and capacity to transform these discoveries into action.

J.A., Brand Manager, Bristol-Myers-Squibb

Meike has a unique talent to listen, she is analytical and empathetic. Therefore she tailored her coaching to my specific situation which made me feel very safe and understood. I am grateful to have had her on my side during this time of change because with her help I made some important, healthy decisions and gained direction not only for my career, but my life.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • ​You want to keep thinking creatively and hold on to the joy you have for your specialization, but the working conditions no longer suit you.


  • You lose sight of your desires and ideas amidst a sea of job postings and advertisements.

  • You worry you have hardly any skills that are relevant on the job market.


  • It feels like you have hardly any time to prepare for your professional career, but you don’t want to settle for an “okay” job.


  • You’re excited about a certain career or “crazy” idea.


  • You’re afraid to lose the approval of your colleagues, friends, and family. You don’t want to let anyone down.

How we find a solution

Three-Step counseling method

This three-part career coaching concept combines precise analysis methods, creative techniques, and emotional intelligence and focuses on areas where scientists have gaps in experience.

You are one-of-a-kind. I’m here to accompany you for a section of your journey with your unique context and needs in mind. When and how I am of service will be clarified in our initial conversation.

I incorporate proven and innovative methods in my coaching work. Together, we’ll collaborate in ways that are grounded and playful. What’s really special about my coaching concept is its focus on the emotional level.

Why the focus on the emotional level is crucial? The results grow from the interplay of rational thought and intuitive feeling. When we involve our emotions, we can create sustainable change.

Bild von 3-Schritt Coachingprozess, Clarity, Wayfinding, Landing.
Bild von Arbeitsmaterial Beispiele

In between appointments

Customized Material

You’ll receive an exercise sheet that I’ve selected specifically for you before each session. As we proceed through the coaching sessions, you’ll receive an individualized work materials.
These exercises will help you prepare for each appointment and help you stay on track outside of our meetings as well. This allows us to focus on the actual coaching process during the sessions.

Development & Results

As a client, you’ll gain skills and tools that you can draw on years after our collaboration is over.

Clarity about your career identity and vision.

Self-confidence because you know your strengths and skills.

Plurality because you've discovered new professional arenas.

Drive because you've gotten in touch with your wants.

Action potential because you have a plan for the short and long term.

Self-determination because you no longer align your ideas with others.

Joy because the things you bring into your life bring you energy.

When analyzing a situation, we eventually have to ask: 

What do we need in order to create consistent, flowing action?

How it works

​How do we begin?

Each coaching session starts with a non-binding Strategy Session. We’ll have a conversation about the problem you want to overcome and get to know each other. Next, we’ll clarify the goals and themes of the coaching process. Then, we can establish a timeframe and dates to meet.

How many sessions?

The ideal number of appointments will depend on the scope of the issue. For straightforward and specific challenges, 2-3 appointments will be sufficient. For more complex challenges, 5-8 appointments will make more sense.

Where do we meet?

Coaching takes place on Zoom. In person appointments in Munich and Berlin are also possible.

I work in German and English.

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