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My background, qualifications
& methods

Meike Rottermann

My Background &


13 years of professional experience in the academic world in various roles, as Science Coordinator, Scientific Editorial Manager and more. But was it linear? No, not for me! As a young researcher, I felt at a loss when it came to taking the next professional step. I broke off my PhD in the second year. My first position? I fell into it by accident.


Step by step I developed a career that suited me. Today I do 'my own thing' and it brings me a lot of joy to support people in their personal and professional development.

From my own experience I believe it is possible to build a fulfilling life after academic research, and most of all, to 'do it your way'!

I am deep and pragmatic. Warm-hearted and results-oriented. Infinitely curious. I am sensitive and, where necessary, direct. ​


My approach to coaching is iterative and creative. I work with each client individually and without a prefabricated scheme.

My Qualifications

Professional Stations

Over 13 years experience in the academic field in different roles granted me deep insight into the academic field:

from doctoral studies, my work as a teaching assistant and in science communication and management.

Since 2020 I have been working as a freelance professional coach, including in the coach pool at the Planck Academy and leading coaching and mentoring groups, also in the area of ​​women's advancement.

In 2023 I co-founded JoyWorks Trainings, together with Dr. Nicola Bauer. We facilitate workshops and trainings for emotionally intelligent team- and career development.

From 2019 onwards, I was involved in the successful establishment of a Career Center for Junior Scientists at Helmholtz Munich. There I support young scientists in the transition to new career paths as a coach and trainer.

My professional experience in communication, copy writing and concept design for the e-learning sector is incorporated where we work together didactically.

Education & Training

Among other things, I draw on these training courses in my work:​

Coaching Training "Psychology of Change. Emotional Intelligence in Coaching"

153 training hours, (IOBC- and DBVC-certified), ​Dietz Coaching, 2018

Zürich-Mainzer Career Advice Model (ZML)

150 training hours,  Fortbildungszentrum Laufbahnberatung, 2020

Essence Coaching

Core Purpose Coaching, 80 training hours, Akademie für Coachs, 2022

MBTI Step 1 Certification

The Myers-Briggs Company, 2022

Embodied Teaching 

Integrating mindful awareness into training & coaching, Unified Mindfulness, 2024


Design Thinking

Basic Track, HPI School of Design Thinking, 2016



Dietz Coaching

Diploma in Cultural Anthropologies

University of Vienna, 2016. My studies taught me about the human being in our contemporary world.

It laid the foundation to pay close attention, to listen with empathy and to detect and understand the interplay between people and their environment.

Current, scientifically based approaches are important to me, but not fast-moving trends.


I like to combine traditional approaches with proven teachings in somatic, intuitive intelligence and mindful attention.


My Methods

Methods I work with

My approach are based on scientific principles and a humanistic worldview.


The following are some of the methods I use in my work:

  • Resource and solution-oriented methods

  • Strengths and values ​​orientation

  • Internal Family System according to Richard Schwartz

  • Systemic questioning techniques and constellation work

  • Intuitive intelligence Mindfulness

  • Zurich Resource Model

More important though is the attitude I bring into the coaching. I approach my clients with openness, empathy and sincere respect for each a person, no matter where they stand.

About Me


I am a partner in a binational relationship, live with my life partner in Munich and few months a year in Manhattan's Chinatown in New York City.

For me, getting to know local communities and cuisine is definitely one of the great joys of life, be it in the provinces or the big city.

Since 2019 I have been practicing Zen (meditation, philosophy, Zen flute) with Prof Yudo J. Seggelke and, recently, at the Insight Meditation Center New York.

I am an author and publish prose and poetry in literary magazines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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