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I’ve had the pleasure of working with professionals, many of them scholars and (former) scientists, from a range of fields and from a variety of different countries. 


On this page you will find some feedback from their experiences with my one-on-one coaching.


Below, the references are listed in no particular order. Trustworthiness is important to me, especially in coaching.


What clients say

Right from the first session Meike made me feel comfortable and heard, and through our following three sessions walked with me through my feelings and thoughts, not letting me hide from anything, but not pushing me either.


The 'homework' sheets helped me focus outside our sessions, and gave me food for thought between our meetings.


Meike's coaching made me feel more empowered, and I have started to know myself better. It is very hard to leave academia, but with Meike I feel that I found a path and the strength to walk it. I still think about what I learnt, months after our sessions finished.


So, in summary, I would definitely recommend working with her, and I would go back to working with her in a heartbeat if I needed more support or advice.

Dr. M.B. Scientist, Apple


Clients I have worked with

Bild von Logo Technical University Munich
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Bild von Logo University London
Bild von Logo Max Planck Gesellschaft
Bild von Logo TU Wien
Bild von Logo Max Planck Biochemie
Bild von Logo SyNergy Munich Cluster For Systems Neurology
Bild von Logo LMU München
Bild von Logo mpi biological intelligence
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